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Unit No. 3 Novinki Orphanage for Special Needs Children

Unit No. 3 at Novinki Orphanage caters for over 30 special needs children with various disabilities. After the initial success of Unit No. 4 our charity decided to extend the renovation project to Unit No. 3. Sunflowers Chernobyl Appeal volunteers travelled to Belarus where they financed and replaced the following:

22 uPVC double glazed windows replaced the old windows in the bedrooms and adjoining rooms.
Floor coverings were replaced in all the bedrooms and corridoors. New curtains.
Renovation and Decoration of the five bedrooms occupied by the children.
Nurses room decorated. New Hospital-type beds and cots supplied to Unit No. 3

Above: Pat Dillon, chairperson of the Sunflowers Chernobyl Appeal and Brendan Fallon, P.R.O view one of the many rooms in Unit No. 3 after renovation complete with T.V-video combi units all supplied by The Sunflowers. New Hospital type cots replaced the old wooden ones which were in a poor condition. The children now have a more comfortable place to sleep. Novinki Orphanage is their home, and through our renovation of Unit No. 3, complete with new clean floors, it is now a more pleasant place to live.

Above: This is Alena using the newly installed handrail in unit No. 3. Alena previously could not walk. The Sunflowers provided Aids to help her and other children in similar circumstances. Alena was taken to Galway for rest and recouperation with her carers from Novinki where she enjoyed a month of rest. The Sunflowers Continue to help Alena and as a result she is making great progress. The Sunflowers provide therapudic aids and other essential equipment for the children in Unit No. 3 at Novinki Orphanage.

Above: Therapist Lydia works with one of the children of Novinki Orphanage. The results of this therapy mean that the children in Unit No. 3 may have a chance to walk someday. Volunteer Pat Cahill from Ballinasloe with Journalist Catherine Regan, Teacher Svetlana Belitskaya, Sunflowers Directors Ita Byrnes and Pat Dillon visiting Unit No. 3 at Novinki Orphanage where we sponsor and finance a number of projects and training programmes.

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