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Sunflowers 1st & 2nd Homes For Independent Living

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In 2009 our charity was approached by the director of Bogushevsk orphanage with a view to providing two homes for independent living for special needs young adults. The houses, situated outside the walls of the orphanage were just shells of buildings in very poor condition. The idea behind the project was to take those older residents who were capable of independent living to be first trained in the orphanage for everyday tasks such as housekeeping, farming, garden work and shopping. The residents would then be moved into the homes, under supervision of orphanage staff.
This project was a huge undertaking by our charity and was only made possible through much fundraising in Ireland, and wonderful financial support from The Belarusian Children's Fund, and the staff of Bank of Ireland Dublin north, without whom this project would not be possible. The building work consisted of over 100 voluntary tradespeople traveling to Belarus on five trips to work on the project over a period of 2 years.
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Donate to the Sunflowers Chernobyl Appeal
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