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A very special group of voluntary workers complete the first part of a multi stage project to improve the lives of 250 special needs orphans.

A group of 13 volunteers recently travelled to Bogushevsk orphanage in north eastern Belarus to work with special needs children and young adults  who are cot bound since birth. The volunteers also installed a new multi sensory therapy room which is now used to give the children respite from their cots where they usually spend most of their lives. The group of volunteers also began the process of redecorating the children’s bedrooms and living areas which will be a welcome change of scenery for the children who spend their time lying in cots staring up at the ceiling without any form of stimulation or distraction. We hope that by providing the new facilities for these helpless children it will in some way make a real difference to their quality of life.

We thank the volunteers for their hard work and dedication during the 10 day trip to the orphanage, and for the fine example of care and respect that they showed towards the children during what was at times a traumatic but very worthwhile experience for everyone.
This trip is one of many steps forward that will help improve the living conditions of the children and to help to change attitudes toward special needs orphans. Many of the children suffer intensely all their lives from both severe physical and mental disabilities. These children have no voice and can only communicate through crying. The kind efforts of our volunteers at home and abroad continues to benefit hundreds of children. Their contribution to our projects and the children’s wellbeing really is invaluable and we thank them all most sincerely as it has made such a difference to many vulnerable children.

Please help us to continue our work at the orphanage by making a donation today. Thank You.

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