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Galway Care Centre For Special Needs Children

The Sunflowers Galway Care Centre is one our latest projects. It's located in a Town called Mikashevichi, Luninets District in southern Belarus. A town situated in a radiation contaminated area. The Irish volunteers have been working in this area for many years. Apart from the many problems resulting from the nuclear disaster in 1986, there are the other problems associated with alcoholism, drug addiction, HIV and aids, child abuse, child neglect and abandonment. There is a very high rate of special needs children in this area. The Sunflowers Chernobyl Appeal, together with our Belarussian friends, provide essential services for the children.


The Derelict building before renovation work by the Sunflowers volunteers. A task which they completed in an amazingly short time. The new roof of the Galway Care Centre was put in place in 3 days, complete with velux windows. The timber frame of the roof was altered to allow for an attic conversion.


The long haul begins for volunteers from County Galway and surrounding areas. After installing new PVC windows and doors they start to strip the building for renovation.


The Galway Care Centre, like our other day-care centres is funded entirely by donations and the building work was carried out by volunteers from Ireland who worked long hours and in difficult conditions. The volunteers returned home to Ireland with happy hearts and new found friends, and with a feeling of having helped the weakest in society...the Chernobyl children.

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